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Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to your lashes you'll find they are a feature of your face you can't ignore, whether it's going out or day to day. Lash extensions are the new way to have amazing lashes day and night! Whatever lash style you choose this semi- permanent treatment will never fail you and can be either natural or full and fluffy. Once lashes are applied they can be treated as your own, making them extremely popular when it comes to holidays as water doesn't affect them.  There are three types of Lash extensions, Classic, Hybrid and Russian to which I have explained below in so that you can choose the perfect treatment. 

I have been doing lashes now for 4 years, training with Lash FX classic and Lash perfect Russian. If you ever need any help then please feel free to contact me.  


Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are the most natural of the three styles, perfect for an everyday look. Using 0.20mm lashes I isolate one of your lashes to apply one of the singular classic lashes. This makes the natural lashes look thicker, darker and gives your lashes more of a curl. 

I would always recommend that clients who haven't had their lashes done before should start with classic and work their way up to Russian. 

Lash brand:

I use the individual lashes in black by Tatti lashes C and D curl. 

Price of full set: £50


Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes are the next step up from classic. For anyone who loves classics but wants that extra bit of thickness hybrid is the one for you. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic lashes and Russian lashes. The Russian giving you that thickness and the classic giving you the definition. This style of lash can look bold and more dramatic however can still be borderline natural depending on the amount of Russian lashes applied.

Lash brand:

For Hybrid lashes I use Tatti classic  lashes and Lash perfect Russian. 

Price of fullest: £60

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Russian Lashes

Russian lashes are the biggest of the three styles. Still using the same isolation technique i use my tweezers to create a fan of 0.07mm lashes. The fan can be anywhere between 2-6 lashes which is then placed on one of the clients lashes. Some people may initially think this will be too heavy however these are much more flexible and light weight, making them more comfortable to the client. 

Depending on what the clients asked for they can still look natural. However can be made much more dramatic for someone who likes a false lash look. 

Lash brand:

I use 0.07mm Tatti lashes Russian in either C or D curl. 

Price of Full set: £70


Eyelash extension removal 

Any lashes need to be professionally removed. If lashes are not removed properly of are 'picked' off this can cause damage to the natural lash. Removing the lashes takes about 15-30mins in which the lashes will be removed by dissolving the glue. 

Cost of removal- £10

Patch testing

Patch testing must be performed at least 24hrs before you appointment. I know that patch testing can be a pain, as nobody wants to travel for a patch test. This is why I now use home patch testing kits. These kits can be posted to your homes first class free of charge, collected or if your home is in walking distance from mine I'm happy to drop it over. 


After care

To get the full effect of your eyelashes here is a guide of tips to follow and how to take care of your extensions.




  • Brush regularly, once or twice a day to keep detangled and sitting nicely.

  • Keep lashes nice and clean using a oil-free based cleanser/eye makeup remover (Pink cap Micellar water)

  • To keep eyelashes looking full it’s recommended to come back and have a refill after about 2-3 weeks for classic lashes and 3-4 weeks for Russians. 





  • MUST NOT pick or pull out eyelash extensions. If you would like them to be removed come back to professional to take them off.

  • MUST NOT use an eyelash curler.

  • MUST NOT wear false eyelashes on top of extensions.

  • Try to avoid wetting the eyelashes 24 hours after they’ve been done as this can effect the bonding of the glue (this includes water, steam rooms and saunas. Shampoo and conditioner can also break down eyelash glue)

  • Stay away from products containing oil; this includes being carful with transferring moisturiser.

  • Recommended to use non commercial mascara (lash technician can order you specially made mascara)  

Dependant on the person the eyelashes should have all fallen out after 6-8 weeks and it should be time for a new set of eyelashes. If ever any problems please contact me. I hope that you enjoyed your lash experience and I will see you again soon.


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